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Praying in Power

“Prayer is a dwelling of peace God has created for me to enter into His Glory and to knowing His power over my life.”

Praying is a way to invite God’s power into our lives and as God promised this for His children, we can access this power through our regular intimate communion with Him.

So how can we access that power through prayer?

First of all, we need to understand that prayer is listening to God’s voice. As we approach God, we need to ensure that we come to Him in complete submission, trust and gratitude. And only then we are going to hear from our Father. Otherwise, we may miss His message. We must also release ourselves to God laying down completely our burdens, our worries, anxiety, doubt, insecurity, discouragement or bitterness.

There is really no formula as to how we should pray but I can share some of my personal points I keep in mind as I approach God’s throne.

Pray in Humility. Prayer is powerful when we come to God in humility and complete submission. He desires that we have a contrite heart and a humble spirit. All aspects of our lives must be surrendered to Him. Anything we do not give over to His authority is evidence of pride. Lack of submission shows that we think our way is better than His plan.

Pray in Confidence. As children of God we are assured of the many promises God has for us. I can still vividly remember laying hands on my husband as I pray that He will come to the saving knowledge of our Lord and I confidently claim that such time will come. For many years, I just prayed and waited. Prayer makes us partners with God and while we can’t really change people, He can minister to their hearts.

Pray in Faith. If we pray in Jesus’ name and our prayers are in accordance with His will. Then His power will be released, and we can be assured of answered prayer and as we feed our mind with His word our faith grows to believe that all things are possible in Christ.

Pray in Thanksgiving. The Bible encourages us always to voice our gratitude to the Lord, no matter what we’re facing even while we are amidst difficulties. Why? Because when we focus on God instead of the problem, we realize, He’s already given us victory.

As I write this, I pray to God that this may bring revival in the manner we pray. I urge you my brothers and sisters that we exercise praying in power. Since praying can be such a routine for Christians. It’s easy to fall into habits that result in a lifeless and empty prayer life. Instead of a dynamic conversation and active listening to God, our prayers can seem more like a long wish lists. Since communication with the Lord is such a vital part of our Christian walk, my appeal is to step back and examine how our prayer life is doing and unless we have a strong prayer life, anytime a storm comes into our lives, the first thing that happens is that we lose our peace and begin to feel fear and lose our joy. But as we pray in power, we shift our attention on God and He gives us courage and faith to receive the peace, victories and blessings He has for us.



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