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Job Offer

It’s been two years since I came here to the UAE and started looking for a job; it was not easy to find a good one. I thought I was qualified enough to get a position based on my experience in the Philippines. But I was wrong; it was challenging. 

Two months later, I got a job in a small company in May 2019. The salary was less than what I desired, and I found that the post itself wasn’t very suitable for me in many aspects. Due to these reasons, I started praying for better work. Every day I prayed to God to upgrade me, to give me a new, stable work in a reputable company. 

Then the pandemic happened. Our company wasn’t able to cope, salaries had been delayed for two to three months. It was so hard because I couldn’t make both ends meet. Even my giving was affected. Friends had been advising me to look for a new job. I wanted to, but at that point, I realized I still had a job and a visa when many had lost their source of income. So, it came to the point where I almost gave up praying for a new job. But one night, during an emotional moment with God, I cried to Him and said, “Lord, till when will I wait? How long? Is it still possible?”

I saw my notebook and wrote there my faith goals; number 1 was to find a new job with a specific salary in a much stable company. 

The following day, a friend recommended me to a contact whose company was looking for a position to fill. I was contacted for a preliminary assessment, but after that, I didn’t receive any follow-up call from them. I was losing hope at that time.

Then the same friend called me again to ask about my application status. When I told her that I hadn’t received a call from the company, she spoke to her contact. To make the story short, I got invited for an interview. I knew it was God’s move.

During the interview, I was so nervous because I had the feeling that I may not be fully qualified for the position, but I silently prayed to God to give me His grace. At this point, my level of anxiety seemed to increase, but praise God, I passed this initial interview! The final one was with the owner of the company. During the interview, I was so confident to say that even though I was not very familiar with the job, I said, “Sir I can learn how to do it!” I assured him that I could do it! And our conversation went smoothly. Praise God, I got an offer the same day with the salary I had prayed for! Truly, if God has meant something for you, it is for you!  That is my experience of the grace of the Lord.

With what happened to me about this new job, I realized that in whatever situation we may be, we can always believe in God’s capability to turn things around for our good. Although I was thinking that the chances of finding a good job in these difficult times seemed to be very slim or almost zero, nothing is impossible with Him! He is sovereign and faithful!

All glory to God Almighty!!



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