God is my provider

God Is My Ultimate Provider

Before moving to Abu Dhabi, I have worked for a multinational company in the Philippines. I have been sent to its Singapore office in 2013 & 2014 for job training that goes with a travel bond. I have to serve in the company for a certain period of time until then will I be released without monetary obligation to the company. When I resigned, I still have six months left in the travel bond. I made computations and knew that my last pay would not be enough to pay the balance. A little more than a month after I resigned, came 2015 Mid-year Prayer and Fasting. I prayed for provision as I migrate to UAE and prayed for cancellation of my travel bond. I surrendered it to God but in the back of my mind, I have a solution all ready. I thought to myself, I can always borrow money from my sister. When my last pay came, I was perplexed and ecstatic at the same time. It was more than enough to cancel my bond and to pay a month’s amortization of my investment. I did not have to make unnecessary borrowing! And I got all my credentials enabling me to apply for a job here, formally. Truly His thoughts are higher than my thoughts; His ways are higher than my ways. He has proven time and again that He is my ultimate provider – not my sister, not my boss. God corrected me by breaking wrong mindsets in my head. I was humbled by this experience and even grateful to God for I know that He disciplines me because He cares for me. I have learned to surrender all my financial concerns to Him and that releases me from worry. God is a generous, kind, loving Father. Surrender everything to Him, be in faith, and wait for His surprises. God bless!



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