Anjela Pinero

Unchanging God

It has already been seven months since my Mama passed away from COVID–19 complications. I

Alfie Catatmon Ejanda

Justice Served

I am privileged to share with you the goodness of God in my life. Before

Abegail Tamayo

Job Offer

It’s been two years since I came here to the UAE and started looking for

Michelle Frances Saavedra

Am I Signing Up For This?

Jesus Christ came to serve and not to be served (Mark 10:45). He washed Peter’s

Abegail Saceda

A Date with God

My mother’s love for God has continuously influenced me in my Christian life since my

Rowena Manlangit

Praying in Power

“Prayer is a dwelling of peace God has created for me to enter into His

Abegail Saceda

Worship is a Lifestyle

Growing up, I thought that worship only happens every Sunday at church. But I learned

Janice Purificacion

How To Be A S.A.L.T

As a movement, we believe that everyone is valuable to God. Consequently, engaging people is