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A Date with God

My mother’s love for God has continuously influenced me in my Christian life since my childhood. I still remember vividly how she starts her daily routine. She would get up as early as four in the morning, and read her favorite book, the Bible, while enjoying her cup of coffee. Our kitchen became her favorite war room – room of prayers and she would always scribble on her journal after a quiet moment of praying. I really did not understand the value of her daily devotion back then until I myself had the taste of conversing with God through quiet time.

God rarely communicate in a clear audible voice these days unlike the Old Testament times where there are instances like when He revealed Himself and talked to Samuel. Nevertheless, we now hear from the Lord when we read and meditate our treasure book of wisdom, the Bible – the very word of God. At times He speaks through prophets, through dreams and also visions. And if we want to personally know God more, it is therefore necessary for us to meet Him in our quiet times.

Whenever we talk to God, we use our inner ear – our hearts. As we convey to Him worship and even our deepest desires, our assurance is He is there to listen. Jesus said in John 10:27*, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” We can hear His voice and instructions if we open our hearts and invite Him to speak to us. We can hear Him as we focus our attention to Him and remove all things that distract us from listening to Him.

As a mother of a toddler and an infant, I can only fully enjoy my quiet time either early in the morning or late at night when my lovely kids are both tucked in bed. During these times, I can boldly tell our Father all my petitions, all my hopes, and even my struggles and pains. I would always ask Him to direct our path as family and to always protect us. I know in my heart that He responds whenever I dig deep to His word and see verses that speak to my situation or to the people I am praying for. I can feel His presence and His refreshing love every time I meet Him during my quiet time. 

The Father in heaven loves us so much that He wants to spend time and fellowship with us. It is high time for us to set our date with Him every day. Before we do our daily itinerary, let us not forget to put God first and as we do so, we will find purpose and direction. May we have a joyful heart as we bask in His presence through reading His Word and prayers.



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